Handy tips for dry, scaly hands

I suffer from this problem as I wash my hands so often at work. Its so bad I bought myself a pair of leather gloves to hide my hands from people…and Durban winters are not cold enough for leather gloves…so people think I’m strange 🙁

There are many reasons for dry hands, but the main cause is a disruption in the skins barrier function.

The skin is a protective organ that consists of an outer layer of mainly protein and fat. This layer locks in moisture and keeps out the nasty bugs. However harsh soaps, excessive sun exposure, extreme weather conditions and inadequate hydration can result in moisture loss and dry hands.

Interventions to offer you relief from scaly skin include: simply staying hydrated, limit exposing hands to water, not washing hands with scalding water, covering them up when exposed to the frosty outdoors(usually CT and JHB winters), using a gentle pH balanced soap and frequently moisturizing hands.

I won’t throw away my leather gloves just yet…but at least they wont look like barren earth anymore…:-)



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