Glycerin Soap-Basic Recipe

  • Glycerin base (available at craft or health food stores)
  • Cosmetic colouring (some vegetables also dye well)
  • A spray bottle of alcohol (vodka is good)
  • Essential oils
  • Spray and cook (or a spray bottle filled with veg oil)
  • Moulds (muffin tins work just as well)

Melt your glycerin base in a double boiler. Remove from heat and stir in your essential oils. Add a drop of your colouring. Oil mould with spray and cook…so that the soaps are not glued to their surface. Slowly pour into the moulds to reduce the formation of bubbles. Spray the surface of your freshly poured soap with alcohol to eliminate bubbles that may have formed. Allow to set in a fridge. After an hour they should be firm enough to unmould. Keep your soap in a dry and dark cupboard for at least 3 days to harden and cure. Then they are ready to use 🙂




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