Summer Skin and Hair

Summer is a time to relax…catch up on some glorius sun and frolick in the waves. However your holiday can be damaging to your skin and hair…all that chlorine and deadly UV rays…so treat your tresses and skin well…and glow this summer.

  • tanned skin looks amazing and covers up a multitude of flaws…cellulite being one of them…but go for a fake tan or use a bronzer.
  • use at least an SPF15 when you are outdoors and reapply after swimming.
  • mozzies love this heat as much as us humans…and their bites don’t look good with our bikinis…so stock up on bug spray…some even have an SPF..bonus 🙂
  • drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated under this blistering african sun…
  • fill a misting bottle with water and toner and spray on your skin to keep it refreshed.
  • if you do burn…apply aloe vera gel to your skin to calm, soothe and heal your burns.
  • give your GHD a break this summer…natural waves are cool.
  • apply a salt spritz to your hair for beachy waves.
  • apply lemon juice to your hair before heading off to the beach for sunkissed locks.
  • wet your hair before getting into the pool to minimize the chlorine soaking into your hair.
  • apply a rich conditioner weekly to your locks to moisturize and protect your hair.
  • get a wide brimmed hat and large sunnies…so chic…and they offer protection from harmful UV rays.



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