Hot Hair Damage

I personally don’t like flat irons, blow dryers or anything that could burn my hair. I like my natural hair texture and its so easy to maintain. If you like poker straight hair and its a daily chore to maintain….then this post is for you.

Research conducted in USA by Dr. Manuel Gamez-Garcia concluded that people who frequently use hot appliances on their hair reported damage to the cortex and cuticle sheath.

  • blow dryers caused mainly the formation of short longitudinal cracks at the cuticle sheath surface
  • these longitudinal cracks produced by blow drying ocurred by the rapid contraction of water swollen cuticle cells as they were being dehydrated
  • hot irons produced long transversal cracks,cuticle cell lifting or removal, and the formation of pores and voids inside the hair cortex
  • hot irons also softened the hair proteins and distorted the hair shape
  • the formation of long transversal cracks and cuticle cell lifting or removal produced by hot irons resulted as a consequence of the high levels of friction set up between hot iron and hair at high temperatures.
  • No actual person’s hair was damaged as these tests were conducted in the lab with virgin hair fibres undergoing what most consider normal daily treatment with hot appliances.



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