• The Dangers of Mineral Makeup
  • Killer Lips
  • Death by Mercury

Killer Lips

There was a rumour that cosmetic companies use lead in their lipsticks.
The FDA ran two investigations and tested over a hundred lipsticks.
The 1st investigation revealed lead traces in lipstick of over 3 parts per million.
Investigation 2 was scary as they found lead levels as high as 7.19 parts per million!
You may think that this amount of lead is a drop in the ocean…however there is no safe level for lead.
The top cosmetic houses are the ones that were found to have the most lead contaminated lipsticks
They state that if the lipstick is used correctly then it should pose no harm…so don’t eat your lipstick, kiss anyone or ingest food while wearing lipstick…that brings new meaning to the “kiss of death”
Signs of lead poisoning include irritability, insomnia, memory loss, high blood pressure, numbness and low sperm count.

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Death by Mercury

You don’t have to be a scientist to come into contact with mercury…it can be found in your beauty creams.
The FDA recently discovered that many imported skin creams contain toxic levels of mercury and other heavy metals. Mercury is dangerous and can make you ill.
Mercury’s corrosive properties made it a main ingredient in skin lightening and anti ageing creams in developing countries.Be wary of beauty products imported from China, India or Mexico.

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The Dangers of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made from mica…which has industrial applications as well.
To give flawless coverage, these particles of mica are microscopic in size.

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The Trixxie Scar Experiment

As you all know…I really hate my scars. In my short lifetime…I have too many…from surgical procedures…to running through glass at olympic runner speed. I’m now using myself as a guinea pig to test out two widely used scar treatments…X and Y…

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